Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Singer 403a Slant-o-matic

I am not a big fan of slant shank machines, probably because I already have a lot of low shank attachments that won't fit on this machine.  But I am loving this one.  It is fast and smooth, and I even like the table it is in.  Another winner from the earlier days of Singer.  The tension has issues, but I think we cleared that up, the discs were stuck together, probably with old oil and grime.  I wish it weren't tan, but I'll get over that. ;)  It is already for sale so I won't have it long!

1 comment:

  1. I have this same machine, and I love it. This is the same machine I used in a High school Sewing class. When I found mine in a garage sale I grabbed it. This machine can sew almost anything. My husband asked me to modify some of his softball bags and totes. And I have made things for his truck. A faux leather cover, roll up tool tote, and more. All on this wonderful machine. And something I would not ask my sensitive newer sewing machine.
    I hope you get as much successful and pleasure in your sewing.