Monday, June 3, 2013

Centennial Singer Featherweight Makeover

This little workhorse had a very hard previous life, was very bad cosmetically when we got her.  My husband, who is a spray paint master, took her down to bare metal and repainted her with automotive paint. Complete with a silver decal set, she is a beauty once again!

Here she is 'Before':

You can see that the finish is in bad shape with rubbed off decals, the clear coat was filmy and missing in places, 50 year old tape residue (aka concrete!), and she also had a chipped power receptacle on the right. But she is a Centennial and sews great.  She deserved a makeover!

Here she is 'After':

I don't agree with repainting Featherweights that are in perfectly great condition.  But this one was not in good shape!  Now she is brand new and ready for another 60 years of sewing.