Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My husband and I love to rescue, repair and refurbish sewing machines.  Did you ever watch those house-flipping shows back in 2007?  Well, we couldn't afford to flip a house, so we started small, with sewing machines.  We are not official servicemen, but with Todd's mechanical fixing talents and my sewing knowledge as well as bargain hunting, we are able to bring these oldies but goodies back to life and find them new homes.  We always sew with them for a while before selling them, and offer a money back guarantee against any unforeseen problems.  We have never had a return!

Yesterday, I had a call from a woman wanting a Singer 301, and she asked if I had one for sale.  This led me to remember that I did have one downstairs tucked away.  I couldn't remember where I got it or how much I paid for it, and this led me to decide that I needed to start documenting these machines and this blog was born.

I will post about our new finds, as well as try and "catch up" with the ones we have already sold.  Hopefully this will become something of a resource for others.  We are very grateful for the assistance of kind people on various sewing machine boards, which I have listed on the sidebar.  Thank you!

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